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TrustMaster X – warms up SMTP servers for the greatest deliverability!
Send messages and get over 95% of them hit the inbox in 3 weeks.
What is the warmup and how can TrustMaster X help?

All marketing professionals know that mailing services have zero trust to new SMTP servers. Thus, there's no point in mass mailing, as the mailing service will send them to the Junk.

So what should you do? Warm up! The warmup is a special procedure that imitates white mailing. Day after day, SMTP servers send messages to their own mailing service accounts and process them: mark as "not spam", read, click links, etc. In other words, we simulate the real emailing and subscribers' activity. And that increases the trust level to the servers. But how can someone process thousands of accounts manually? Because that it the number we are aimed for every single day!

Here comes our program complex that not only sends messages but also accesses the server and processes every single account.

How To Warm Up an IP

TrustMaster X Features
Now TrustMaster supports Mail.Ru and Gmail. Soon, we are planning to add Yandex, Yahoo, qq, live.com
Work on schedule
You can set up working days and hours, and TrustMaster will be launched automatically.
Mailing Mode *soon
Set up the list of SMTP servers, limits, and texts for messages. TrustMaster will send your messages and grow the volume of e-mails daily.
Telegram Notifications
Now you can enable Telegram notifications of the necessary actions and get statistics of TrustMaster's activity.
Inbox message processing
TrustMaster already "knows" how to mark messages as "spam" and "not spam". This tool can delete messages without or after reading, read messages, click links, send replies, forward messages, add messages to Favorites.
Run several accounts from different mailing services at once. The more powerful PC you have, the greater number of threads it can handle.
Proxy and User Agents
Each account is linked to its proxy and user agent. We support both SOCS and HTTP.
Other features
+ 5 more great features! We extend the functionality on the regular basis.

Step-by-step user guide
The warmup results
Once you warm up the server, you can get the following deliverability: (screenshots are sent by users from the mailing statistics app)
Why users choose us
More than 300 clients choose our product. And there are plenty of reasons:
High quality
Before we start selling any template, we carefully check it with the focus group. So our templates work on 100%! We fix all possible bugs promptly.
Prompt support
Clients say that one of our advantages is the support team! We are here for you almost 24/7 in Telegram and Skype. Time of waiting usually doesn't exceed 20 minutes.
Special Telegram community
The greatest assets for us are you – our colleagues! We are well aware of the importance and value of your experience. That's why we've created a special chat with huge knowledge base gathered by professionals like you! Moreover, all newbies can ask questions and get multiple replies!
Free updates
We distribute templates in a form of paid subscriptions. For example, it can be an annual or semi-annual subscription. Which means, our clients get updates for free!
If you have any questions or proposals, feel free to contact us at Telegram: @ZennoBoss or Skype: live.zennoboss
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