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TrustMaster X Update History
The current version: 2.16

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(All our templates work on the latest ZennoPoster / ZennoBox)
v. 2.15
  • Fixed a bug that appeared when logging in to Gmail.
v. 2.14
  • When TMX is updated, the browser with the information about the new version no longer opens;
  • Temporarily removed the function to save profiles;
  • Now, if the proxies are bad, then the proxies themselves are deleted from the list of proxies. The account is not deleted;
  • Fixed problem with user agents.
v. 2.13
  • Improved the logic of the Gmail module.
v. 2.12
  • Improved the logic of the template. Fixed minor bugs.
v. 2.10
  • Returned to work all the modules warm-up;
  • Added a function in which for accounts without a proxy, a proxy can be loaded from a separate file.
v. 2.08
  • Due to the update of gmail.com, they changed the account authorization check;
  • Fixed a bug in the function mark that the letter is not spam in the warm-up module Mail.Ru.
v. 2.07
  • Rewrote a number of features due to Mail.Ru updates;
  • Rewrote a number of features due to Gmail.com updates;
v. 2.06
  • Changed authorization in connection with Mail.Ru updates;
  • Made minor improvements in the algorithm of working with Gmail.com.
v. 2.05
  • Fix a bug with the choice of text files in the template settings;
  • Removed pop-up windows with alerts;
  • Temporarily removed Telegram alerts.
v. 2.01
Fixed bugs related to the localization of the Gmail.com site.
v. 2.00
  • Added the warmup module for Gmail.com.
  • Added the capability for automatic removal of service messages.
  • Fixed the bug with saving account profiles in the disabled mode.
v. 1.04
  • Fixed the bug with reading all messages instead of those with the "unread" status.
  • Fixed the bug where user agents weren't saved to the file with accounts.
  • Fixed the line break problem for invalid or banned accounts.
v. 1.03
Fixed the bug with checking license from the proxy account, which caused the missing activation error.
v. 1.02
  • Changed the licensing system. Now activation is linked to the Zennolab user ID.
Contact the developer after the update to change the license. Make sure to provide your ID (see your Profile page on zennolab.com).
v. 1.01
  • Added the warmup module for Mail.Ru (95% POST-GET).
  • Integrated the user guide to the TrustMaster settings.
  • Added Telegram notifications.

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